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Technology Professionals for the Healthcare System

The leadership team at Trial Vault International (TVI) realized long ago that the healthcare industry is by far one of the most rewarding fields to participate in from a technology perspective. Contributing to improvements in process efficiencies, patient outcomes, and even overall population health improvements provides tremendous satisfaction. Plus, having an opportunity to collaborate with brilliant and dedicated healthcare professionals to develop data analytic platforms, web portals, and mobile applications, really puts the icing on the cake.

We are technology professionals with significant experience planning, architecting, designing, and developing HIPAA compliant clinical analytics & business intelligence platforms, web portals, and data exchanges for companies that participate in the healthcare system.

Trial Vault International also provides temporary technical project leaders and highly skilled technical individuals available to join your existing data analytics and development teams. Whether you’re looking to outsource an entire project initiative or looking for key personnel to complement your team TVI can help. 

We have a passion for delivering technology solutions unique to your organization that really make a difference. Let’s talk about your technology goals and start building for the future. Simply press “Contact” or call (800) 871- 6720 to have a confidential conversation and allow us to answer any questions you may have.